HOT Steam Carpet Cleaning – No Mercy On DIRT!

Cleaning a heavily soiled polyester carpet in the Kendall Hammocks area.

This type of carpet needs to be professionally clean at least once a year and walk with no shoes to prevent traffic areas from becoming dirty quickly.

Polyester carpet is more difficult to clean and remove dirt from fibers due to its affinity to hold dirt, and the fibers get damaged quicker than nylon carpet.

Fortunately, we are able to improve the appearance of the carpet with our deep cleaning.

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Cleaning a Heavily Soiled Tile and Grout in Palmetto Bay – 305-631-5757

We use an exclusive tile floor cleaning solution to loosen dirt, along with our high-pressure tile cleaning tool, to provide a thorough deep cleaning of your ceramic floors.

It is recommended to apply an impregnator sealer after cleaning to help your floors stay cleaner longer.

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